Enjoy the beauty of the historic residence surrounded by gardens

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Roztoka Castle

The castle in Roztoka is a unique place focusing on its centuries-old history, where the passion of creation meets authentic experience and excitement.

The historic building complex consists of stately residential buildings surrounded by a landscape park and a French-style garden.
This place is a combination of fascinating history, beautiful architecture and charming nature.

The current owners, drawing energy from the unique spirit of this place, do not cease in their efforts to restore the old charm and breathe a new life into the ancient walls. The complex process of the castle restoration requires the cooperation of many people who carry out their work with heart and commitment.

All this so that the Castle could, as in the past, delight its unique beauty and welcome you in your doorstep!


The castle

Enjoy the historic beauty.

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At the castle in Roztoka, your dreams will become reality.


The french garden

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English Park

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Discover the fascinating heritage of the castle and its inhabitants.



Of the Roztoka Castle.

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Castle in Roztoka