Revitalization of the Roztoka Castle

A comprehensive project of the castle revitalization requires the involvement of many professionals and people of good will who, with their knowledge and commitment, want to lift the monument and breathe new life into its walls. To accomplish this, we cooperate with art historians, monument specialists, art conservators, landscape architects, architects and engineers. All to ensure the highest level of design and execution.

Our goal is to turn the historic complex into a center of culture and art that emanates to the whole region, complete with catering and hotel facilities within a few years. We want to make the castle available to the public as much as possible so that our cultural offer will meet even the most demanding tastes.

To the best of our abilities, we draw from the heritage of the castle in Roztoka. We are truly inspired by the centuries-old history of the residence and its inhabitants. Therefore, we plan to prepare an exhibition on the history of the castle in its interiors and make the most representative rooms on the first floor available for visitors.

Admiring the beauty of the composition of the best-known inhabitant of the castle, the count Hans Heinrich XIV Bolko von Hochberg, we want the his music to fill the castle?s interior again. This is why we have undertaken and intend to continue cooperation with musicians propagating the legacy of this forgotten composer.

An important area of ??revitalization will be the restoration of the old functions of the neglected English park and the French garden. We want this place to become a synonym for the pleasure that can be reached only by resting in nature.

Ultimately, the residence will offer a fully functional program to organize business meetings, conferences, special events and weddings. The castle in Roztoka will encourage work and relaxation in the surroundings of the highest class and the greatest beauty.

We also care to make the castle accessible and to collaborate on that with the local community. Therefore, we will make every effort to turn the Castle in Roztoka into an open meeting place, encouraging creative thinking, exchange of experience, implementation of educational programs and the most refined artistic visions.

Dazzled by the unique heritage of this place, we want to write a new, wonderful chapter of its history together. We will be happy to inform you about all the stages the upcoming renovation.

If you also share a respect for monuments and would like to contribute to the preservation and enrichment of the Castle collection in Roztoka, have some knowledge and perhaps you find something that could be related to the Castle or its history in the dusty attic – please, contact us!
Anyone who helps with the revitalization of this unique place will be included in the ongoing contributors? list and rewarded with a special package provided for visitors.
Your support is very important to us – together we can do even more!

See you at the

Castle in Roztoka