The Castle in Roztoka

In its current form, the castle presents itself as a magnificent neo-renaissance palace that had been built on the basis of an earlier Baroque residence.

A compact, three-storey structure of the castle covered with a mansard roof treasures the inner courtyard. Access to this magic place leads through stone portals, arched bridges, stretched over the moat and spanning horizon from east to west.

Above the eastern portal, you will find the coat of arms of the von Hochberg family held by knights in armor. The rich façade decoration is complemented by multi-lobed pilasters, window frames and pediments supported by ceramic volutes and Corinthian pilasters that have been casted from baked ceramics, giving them a warm, brick-red color.

The interiors of the Roztoka Castle make a great impression. Their particularly rich décor has been well preserved in the representative rooms of the first floor. The character of the rooms refers to the Italian tradition of piano nobile. All the rooms located in an enfilade lead you from the Salon of the Gobelins, through the Bolka von Hochberg Musical Salon, Hermetic Room, former library up to the magnificent two-story ballroom crowned with a pseudo-vault decorated with an allegorical fresco. In addition, the interiors are decorated with impressive paneling, painted ceilings and fireplaces made of colorful marbles.

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Castle in Roztoka