French Garden

Located in the eastern part of the residence, the garden is one of the best preserved in Lower Silesia and one of the most beautiful French gardens in the Baroque style. The garden was separated from the castle by an honorary courtyard (Cour d’honneur), a designated high wall with a decorated gate and located on the axis between the main entrance and the castle. This magic place is divided into two main parts – a flower garden and a study garden located on the south side. Both parts were separated from each other by a high wall wherein a valuable Mannerist portal distinguished by a rich sculptural decoration was installed.

The flower garden is laid out in the form of regular quarters with patterned, multi-colored carpets of seasonal flowers, surrounding a centrally located stone fountain. In the central point of the entire plan, laid out on an octagonal projection and covered with a domed, modular roof, is a magnificent garden pavilion, the so-called favorita, which served as a place to relax and drink tea. The northern border of the garden is marked by two longitudinal conservatories, housing Mediterranean plants, which are especially sensitive to the local climate.

The cabinet garden was arranged on a plan of regular rectangular quarters, marked with carefully trimmed green walls of hedges. Such “offices” ensured peace and discretion to the garden users. The peculiarity of this part of the garden was an impressive pergola, i.e. a kind of vaulted tunnel, made of specially formed plants.

The whole area was decorated with sculptures picturing scenes from mythology, special vases and flower pots with plants, as well as numerous elements of small garden architecture, including stone benches, fountains, walls and stairs.

In the south-east corner of the garden lies a preserved gardener’s house, covered with a mansard roof.

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